Handscraped Wood Floors

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Handscraped Wood Floors Phoenix AZ


Flooring Style & Installation

Give your house a timeless feel with flooring that looks like distressed wood. Our flooring professionals have a specific process they follow to create this imaginative style. Handscraped flooring not only works great in most rooms of your home, but has little in the way of upkeep.

Our Process of Handscraping

  1. Smoothing over of any cracks with wood filler
    2. Sanding down all the ridges and crevices
    3. Using hand scraping to even the plane more
    4. Sweep up wood shavings
    5. Use higher grit sandpaper for rougher spots
    6. Vacuum up leftovers
    7. Use the color stain that you desire
    8. Apply a layer of polyurethane

In order to make sure everything is done right, make sure to hire an expert from your local Phoenix Flooring. Our knowledge and technique will ensure that you’ll get the beautiful flooring you’ve always wanted.

For more on handscraped flooring, give us a call at 602-344-9997

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Handscraped Wood Floors